Hybrid Financial Solutions

The world is in transition. Whether it's education, work or cars, hybrid systems are the effective solution.

  • Declining economic performance
  • Multiple social and societal problems
  • Soaring energy prices
  • Global economic policy conflicts
  • Volatile financial systems

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which play a major role not only in the financial market but in all our lives, are among the responses to these challenges.

The current solution


The future is in blockchain technology, there is no question about that, but for the moment the most effective solution is the use of hybrid financial systems. That's why we have created our system based on 3 pillars:



MICO Token is the benchmark or the digital gold of the Mohini Ecosystem.

The events of the past years have clearly shown that the opportunities offered by digitalisation can be a lifeline to the problems caused by COVID, economic difficulties and wars.

Why should you consider modern cryptoassets?


A pizza 10 years ago, today more than $100 million!

On 22 May 2011, a man in Florida bought 2 large pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. The crypto world considers this a landmark event, as this is the day the cryptocurrency became marketable. It was worth only about $40 at the time. This case is a good example of the potential of cryptocurrencies. Every day, blockchain technology solutions are being developed that have this potential.


New generation of cryptoassets

Data is the new oil, whoever manages the data has a head start, can gain power. Global systems are increasingly impossible to keep in human hands. Smart contracts are helping to do this, digitising and automating our agreements and fundamentally reshaping the data management maze. Taking immeasurable burdens off millions of people, making our global operations faster and cheaper. 


No need to invest millions. 

Time is money. Nothing proves this better than the dollar-cost averaging of cryptos. What does this mean in numbers? If you had bought BTC for only $10 every month for the last 5 years, your $600 invested would be worth more than 100 times that today, almost $8000.


The early bird gets the worm. 

Today we are witnessing the emergence of a new world order. Every new system brings new opportunities for those who get it early! We are only at the dawn of the Crypto Revolution and the conquest of blockchain technology. Get informed and act early, because if nothing ventured, nothing gained!



provides a comprehensive solution and opportunity for users

A start-up to the core, with three supporting divisions.



The Mohini Ecosystem offers its users a complex opportunity based on 3 pillars. MICO, as a measure of the value of the Mohini Ecosystem, could be worth several times its current price in the future.

Be part of a supportive and uplifting community!

How does Mohini VISION increase the value of MICO?

Mohini VISION is one of the most versatile and flexible Forex robots in the world.

A stock trading program with unique, innovative solutions that can trade in ways never seen before! A software that allows you to take advantage of the opportunities that fluctuating economic conditions can and will bring.

Thanks to an almost infinite number of combinations of settings, the robot can be tailored to your own trading style, completely personalized. This feature makes it completely unique in the current Forex robot market.

MICO as a measure of the ecosystem's value is closely linked to the development and success of the robot. As Mohini VISION grows stronger, the value of MICO increases.

Mohini VISION development cycles


The development of Mohini Vision's predecessor, the stock market robot, started in September 2019 and has been running in a live environment since 2020.



Development of Mohini VISION started in April 2022. Based on the experience gained in the start-up cycle, some signals were removed from the robot and new ones were added in the first phase.



We will continue our efforts to make the software as easy as possible for users to use by precisely evaluating the data collected during the GROWING development phase. The results of this phase will determine the date of MICO's stock market launch.


What greases the system? Effective education!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We are helping to spread the hybrid financial culture with our free and affordable crypto and financial education courses offered on our online learning platform.

Free courses with millions of dollars worth of knowledge

Learning basic and advanced crypto skills, understanding the potential of MICO and achieving profitable crypto investments are all possible with the right education and training.

EXTRA MICO Tokens as a gift

In our Silver and Gold education packages, in addition to basic financial and crypto knowledge, we also provide valuable advanced knowledge. With these packages you also have the opportunity to get MICO tokens in limited quantities, but at a very discounted price, with extra bonuses.

Mohini Coin

Was ist MICO?

The MICO token is a cryptocurrency developed for the TRON blockchain and it is scheduled to be listed on the stock exchange in the first half of 2023.

MICO is a wealth-creating tool in your hands, as after the listing on the stock exchange, its value can be many times higher than it is now.
The MICO exchange rate will show the world market judgment of Mohini Ecosystem.


Der MICOs Empfang ist über die Erwartungen

On 3rd March, 2021, the pre-launch period began and we sold more than 33 million MICOs in 18 days. We did all this in half the time we planned and sold far more than we expected.

The market launch of MICO takes place in three stages:

1. Pre-Launch Period ( March 3, 2021 - June 15, 2021)
2. Development period following Pre-Launch (June 15, 2021 - until the end of 2022)
3. ICO period (from first half of 2023)

+6500 satisfies costumers

130+ Countries

10x exchange rate Increase

In the first sales cycle,

MICO achieved exceptionally high sales results.

After the first three months, we had 6500+ registered customers in our system and active users from more than 130 countries.

On June 15, 2021, the Subscription Period of MICO ended. During the Pre-Launch period, MICO price rose from $ 0.01 to $ 0.1.

Considering the volume issued and the current exchange rate of MICO, the market capitalization at the moment is $ 5.15M!


Medium-term investment

Our company offers the MICO holders an opportunity to increase the number of their tokens by staking. Until now, 82.2% of our customers had staked their MICOs, typically for 270 and 360 days.

This is clear feedback to us, that the MICO holders plan long-term with MICO and are loyal to the project.

Buchst du MICO jetzt,

We will give you the following bonuses:

Sign-up Bonus

In exchange for signing up, we will immediately credit you with MICO worth $ 9.99  to your internal wallet in your web office. The quantity is determined by the current exchange rate.

Customer Bonuses

We support your purchase with occasional and variable bonuses, which can be 10-50%.

Affiliate Bonuses

In our affiliate program, we reward your referral work with a commission credited in MICO tokens. You earn 10%, 20% referral commission if someone buys MICO through your recommendation.

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How you can do it

Das Kaufen von MICO in 3 einfache Schritte

  • 1. Registration

    Mit der Angabe von allgemeinen Informationen, ist die Registration unter 1 Minute erfolgreich. Für das Abonnieren bekommst du sofort 9,99 USD wertige MICO, dafür musst du nichts bezahlen.

  • 2. Compilation of MICO quantity in the shop

    Du kannst dir frei auswählen, wieviel MICO du möchtest, das tust du in deinem Einkaufskorb. Falls du ein bestimmtes Limit dafür hast, sollst du vor deinen Augen halten, dass die Bezahlung nur mit Kryptowährung möglich ist und dass es Überweisungskosten gibt, die sofort bezahlt werden müssen.

  • 3. Payment is made through Coinpayments.

    Du kannst 6 sehr verbreitete und vertrauenswürdige Arten von Kryptowährung verwenden: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Tron, Binance Coin und Litecoin.


Wir möchten dir in deiner Entscheidung helfen. Wir sind 100%-ig sicher, dass MICO erfolgreich sein wird. Deswegen bieten wir dir an, dass du, falls du dich umdenkst, in den, vom Kaufdatum gerechnet 14 Tagen, der Preis des MICOs zurückbezahlt bekommst.