Who would have thought this could happen to us?


Our usual, comfortable world has now turned upside down

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt saturate our days.

Hundreds of millions of people are desperately waiting for help

The inspiring economic results have disappeared, industries are collapsing, hundreds of millions of people are desperately waiting for help, searching for the solution. This page is for you if you also thought that your financial situation and world were stable, that you and your family were safe. It's for you if you believed that, but you're not so sure about it today ...

People are starting to realize that they need to think differently

People now know that something has changed forever. The trends of recent years have clearly shown that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will play a significant role not only in the financial markets, but in all areas of our lives. The capitalization of the cryptomarket is more than 2.000 Bil. USD (Coinmarketcap.com)

People long for success, happiness, they are fed up with financial uncertainty

Thus, the MOHINI UNIVERSE Master’s Program

was born in response to a real problem

People want to become actors in success stories

We provide our users with a multi-tiered business model that perfectly combines proven financial solutions with forward-looking cryptocurrencies. As a first step, the development of the Mohini Trade Forex trading robot started in 2019. Robots trading on a live account generate extra profit. The use of a stock exchange robot and cheap transactions are supported by the Mohini Universe’s 3-part cryptocurrency concept.
People want to become actors in success stories, not just read about people who have built legendary fortunes. People long for opportunities like the legendary cryptodevisa successes. But to do that, you have to be open, informed and brave.

We help our partners to make their dreams come true

But this requires money in today’s world. In most cases, a lot of money is needed. With the MICO token, we put a solution in your hand that can stabilize your financial situation and even multiply your money.

What is MICO?

The MICO token is a cryptocurrency developed for the TRON blockchain, which is scheduled to be listed on the stock exchange in the first quarter of 2022.
MICO is a value-creating tool in your hands, as after the listing on the stock exchange, the exchange rate can be many times higher than it is now. The MICO exchange rate will show the worldmarket judgment of Mohini Universe Master Program.


MICO's welcome is beyond expectations

MICO will be sold in the first round in a pre-launch campaign, which is expected to run until 15th June, 2021. On 3rd March, 2021, the pre-launch period began and we sold more than 33 million MICOs in 18 days. We did all this in half the time we planned and sold far more than we expected.

If you sign up for MICO now

we will give you the following bonuses


Extra bonus amount for purchase


Occasional bonuses

Signing up

$ 9.99 worth MICO for signing up

Referral commission

10% referral commission after your activity

MICO exchange rate today





Buying MICO in 3 easy steps


By entering general information, the registration is successful in 1 minute. In exchange for signing up, we will immediately credit you with a $ 9.99 worth MICO, and for this you don’t have to pay.

Compilation of MICO quantity in the shop

You are free to choose the amount of MICOs you want, and add this to your cart. If you have a set limit for this, keep in mind that payment is possible in cryptocurrency, although this has a referral fee that you will need to pay immediately.

Payment is made through Coinpayments

You can do this with 6 types of very common and reliable cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Tron, Binance Coin, Litecoin.

Don't wait long, refit your life! If you like MICO, subscribe for yourself!

Buy MICO for yourself because it will give you a chance to be there at the very beginning of quoting a really successful cryptocurrency. If you are unsure, get to know our plans and ideas better, watch how the pre-launch period develops.


We want to help you make a decision. We are 100% sure that MICO will be a success. Therefore, we offer you that if you change your mind, we will refund the price of MICO at the price you purchased it within 14 days of your purchase.