Staking MICOs from the MICO Wallet

By following the steps described below you have the opportunity to stake your MICOs even if you have already topped them up to your MICO Wallet. 

  • 1. Make a decision

    Decide how many MICOs you would like to stake and for how long time. We offer 4 different Staking Pools. ( 90 days - 3% 180 days - 8% 270 days - 13% 360 days - 20% ) To know more about staking click on the link. What is Staking?

  • 2. Send the MICOs to the staking pool

    Transfer the chosen MICO amount to the staking wallet address, see below, for staking.

  • 3. Fill out the staking form

    The staking form is a way of registering your staking order so it can be confirmed and the details of the staking can be displayed at your web office.

  • 4. Copy your transaction ID

    After you sent the chosen MICO amount from your MICO Wallet, Open the transaction in your MICO Wallet and copy the transaction ID of the transfer. Then paste it into the corresponding field of the form.

  • 5. Submit the form

    Check if all the provided information is correct and submit your staking form for approval.

  • 6. Stay updated about your staking order

    After the submission you can monitor the status of your staking order on the... page. As soon as we have checked and confirmed your transfer, your staking's status will be updated to 'Accepted'. Your only task then is to wait for your chosen staking pool's period to end and you will receive the staked MICOs with the extra percentage of MICOs to your MICO Wallet.

Staking Wallet Address

Send the chosen MICO amount to this wallet and after copy the Transaction ID. (with link) What is the Transaction ID and where to find it? 


Staking Form